Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cam Newton: The guy bama fans hate yet need.

     On December 13, 2008, the bama nation was rising to it's peak and enjoying life.  Not only had they just beaten Auburn ending a 6 game skid to their rival, but Auburn had hired Gene Chizik, a coach with a 5-19 record.   Jokes and chest beating quickly followed.  To add fuel to the fire, their leader promised to dominate Auburn 24/7 365.  They were quickly returning to their glory days.  Houndstooth apparel was making a comeback and they solidified their status the following year by winning the BCS national championship. 
     While they were busy celebrating, Gene Chizik and his all-star cast of assistants were quietly piecing together one of the best signing classes Auburn had ever seen.   This class included a JC signee QB named Cam Newton.  On April 17th, 2010, Cam took the field as a Tiger for the first time at the annual A- Day game.  He was welcomed with a standing ovation and the rest has become legend.  No one in attendance that day (myself included) could have ever imagined just what this young man would eventually mean to Auburn or Alabama.
     As we all know, Cam went on to dominate college football, winning almost every individual award and leading Auburn to an undefeated championship season.   He set school and conference records amid all the controversy surrounding his recruitment.  There is no need to discuss the specifics as this is a subject the nation knows all too well.  The reason that everyone knows the details is due to it being brought to light repeatedly by people associated with Alabama football.
     After winning the 2009 championship, Alabama was the preseason favorite to repeat and rightfully so.  They returned the majority of their skill players and had one of football's better coaches.  Yet in early November, they found themselves slipping in the rankings with 2 losses and watching Newton destroy defenses. They focused their frustration on Cam and Auburn.  How dare they take attention away from Alabama?  They played their songs, threw their fake money, and wore their $cam Newton shirts proudly while they blew a 24 point lead to Auburn at home.   This was the breaking point.  Auburn went on to win the national championship and prove it could go toe to toe with Alabama in recruiting and on the field. 
      This enraged Alabama fans everywhere.  They could not believe that Auburn had risen so fast.  Something had to be done.  So the onslaught of rumors and accusations continued.  Since the Iron Bowl, Alabama message boards have blamed Cam and Auburn for everything just short of the tsunami.   This is the plan.  If at anytime Auburn seems to be getting the better of Alabama in recruiting or public spotlight, another Bama man will go on record claiming to have proof of Auburn and Newton's wrongdoing.  We have gone from blank debit cards, to rigged slot machines, tapes of proof, and now bagmen. None of which included any evidence.  They catch phrase seems to be "I will release the proof (or name) in 2-3 weeks".  If you have proof, why wait?  Could it be to keep the charade going as long as possible?   It is becoming apparent that as much as they hate him, Alabama needs Cam Newton.  Without him, what would they have to blame for Auburn being the better team?  Or maybe another question would be without him, what could they use to distract people from what they are doing?

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